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The conference took place 5th - 8th JULY 2021

On this site you can find material generated by and for the conference

Building Alternative Livelihoods
in times of ecological and political crisis

International Online Joint Conference of the international degrowth research networks, the International Society for Ecological Economics and the European Society for Ecological Economics,  hosted by University of Manchester, UK.

5th - 8th July 2021

This event which came at a critical time for our planet, its people and the entire living world. Lives and livelihoods have been unequally impacted and threatened by climate change, ecological degradation and the global pandemic. The construction of alternative livelihoods requires a radical transformation of economy, culture and society. What are the institutional arrangements which safely provide for basic needs, social stability and democratic legitimacy in the transition to environmental sustainability? How can both social justice and ecological justice for the populations of the Global North and the Global South be ensured? How can political support be mobilised for the necessary transformations?


We had an enormous response to our calls for contributions with a variety of symposia and round tables, artistic and participatory events, that will appeal to scholars and activists concerned.


There will be conversations with Naomi Klein and George Monbiot and events with indigenous activists and with trade unionists.


The programme and abstractsare now available on our Programme page

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